Persian lamb with Tibetan lamb, pullover: brandmair, pants: ___fabrics interseason(c) Stefan Zeisler




The Bundesinnung Mode, Berufszweig Kürschner and Unit F büro für mode announce the Austrian Creative Fur Award 2012 in the categories “Students” and “Designers”. An independent jury is commissioned to determine the nominees and winners in a two-tier selection process. Subsequently, the award will be given away during the AFA-Austria Fashion Awards 2012.


ACF Designers

The prize will be given to fashion designers who distinguish themselves with extraordinary fashion design on an international level. The creative potential and the qualitative standard of the production should be clearly established in order to evaluate a co-operation with Austrian furriers as successful. The goal of this prize, which includes the production of a small series for the own collection, is to, on the one hand, enable working with fur on a high technical and qualitative level and on the other hand, to instigate a co-operation between fashion designers and Austrian furriers.


ACF Students

The prize will be awarded to pupils and students in their final year of training whose drafts show a particularly creative approach to fur. The prize offers the possibility for twelve selected students to realize their draft with the help of an Austrian fur studio that not only will provide the material but also support the realization with their complete expertise. Furthermore, out of the twelve nominated newcomers a winner will be chosen who receives a one week workshop at Kopenhagen Fur and the chance to automatically present at Remix 2013 in Milan. The ReMix International Student Design competition was introduced in 2003 by the International Fur Trade Federation in collaboration with MiFur, the Milan based international fur and leather exhibition. The competition aims to encourage, inspire and support young designers as they develop and explore their relationship with fur, as well as giving them an opportunity to showcase their innovative designs to an international audience.