Wien Live Inside Fashion Tour

Elke Winkens (c) Michael Dürr 

Vienna’s favorite German: Elke Winkens, a talented artist with a special interest in fashion, is guiding the Wien live Inside Fashion Tour and offers an insight into shops and studios of fashion artists.


Education is worth the trouble! What teenagers in their puberty do not like to hear was already apparent for a six-year old Elke Winkens, who, as a daughter of a German engineer and a Dutch mother, grew up in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Africa.


Back then, she started having ballet lessons, already three years later she was onstage and from that point on she was enriching various dance and theater productions.


She came to Vienna because of her education, graduated from the musical school at Theater an der Wien and stayed because of love.


Success came sooner than later. Through performances with the cabaret ensemble “Die Hektiker” she was discovered for TV, a.o “Die kranken Schwestern”. Since 2002 she has played the role of Niki Herzog in “Kommissar Rex” and worked at the theater and on various movies, from “Helden in Tirol” to “Wanted” and “Vienna” up to “Jud Süß – Film ohne Gewissen”. Currently Elke Winkens is working on her first solo cabaret program.

Text: Klaus Vollmann








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Subject "Fashion”



(Rudolf Scheer & Söhne)

 Bräunerstr. 4,
1010 Vienna

Tour start is May 30th at 5pm at Rudolf Scheer & Söhne , Bräunerstr. 4, 1010 Wien. Followed by Wilfried Mayer and And_i .


Participants will be taken with a special bus by the Wiener Linien to the locations and afterwards, have the opportunity to attend the EVOQUE Fashion Night at the Museum of Ethnology with shows and the NextGen Award ceremony.