Insider Vienna: Elke Winkens


Which play currently running in Vienna would you recommend?


“Endlich Schluss”. It’s a one man play with Alexander Pschill at Theater in der Josefstadt. Exciting and greatly acted. (Note: running till June 23rd)


How are you preparing yourself for an opening night?


I always doing the same before an opening night: I am having lunch at my favorite Italian San Carlo (Mahlerstraße 3) and I am eating Tuna Carpaccio and Vesuvio Spaghetti.


When it’s about the after show party: Fox House, Schikaneder or Eden Bar?


Eden Bar, because I really like the bar’s flair (Liliengasse 2)


At which Viennese bar are you enjoying your favorite drink?


I am drinking my Martini cocktail at Motto am Fluss (Franz-Josef-Kai/Vorkai, between Marien- and Schwedenbrücke).


Your best friend is coming to Vienna and needs a hotel room. What would you recommend her?


I would not send my best friend to a hotel but if so, probably to the 25hours hotel (Lerchenfelder Straße 1-3)


Where are you shopping with your best friend in Vienna?


At Kiehl’s (Tuchlauben 23). Recently, I have re-discovered the Steffl (Kärtner Straße 19) or I show her the Wunderl in Sollenau (Note: about 40 minutes away from Vienna by car)


What are your top 3 Viennese sights?

The MuseumsQuartier (Museumsplatz 1). Because every visit is like a dive into another world and because I like the architecture very much. I’d show her the Hofburg and the Heldenplatz as a bbig contrast and then we’d drive to the Prater and to the Schweizerhaus, so that she can experience Vienna as a muti-faceted city in one day (Prater 116).


What does only Vienna have and should not be missed?


Standing on top of the Karlskirche at night and enjoying the view of the city (Kreuzherrengasse 1). Or eating asparagus at Naturhistorisches Musuem (Burgring 7)


What have you just recently discovered in Vienna?


Relaxing at the Angeliwiese at the Alte Donau (Subway U6, Stop Alte Donau)


You should not leave Vienna without…?


Eating iced apricot dumplings at Tichy (Reumannplatz 13) or buying a Sachertorte at the airport.