Insider Vienna: Markus Hausleitner

What is your most recent discovery when it comes to fashion in Vienna?


The Samstag-Shop (Margaretenstraße 46) and the Park (Mondscheingasse 20)


Where does your tour through the fashion city Vienna lead?


To the galleries at Schleifmüllgasse and Eschenbachgasse, followed by the Brut which currently has the most exciting productions in the area of performance, dance and theater.


It is summer in Vienna – where is your favorite place?


The Naschmarkt-Bobo Land (Subway U4, Stop Kettenbrückengasse. Note: Bobo= Bourgeois Bohemian)


Where are you hanging out with friends at night?


At Marea Alta (Gumpendorferstraße 28). This queer bar is like a extended living room, really nice!


And what if it has to be a really crazy party – where are you partying with your friends from the fashion industry?


At Rhinoplasty at Club U. That is the best regular party in the city. Or at “Gender Crash” at Brut. That’s probably the best irregular party in the city.


Where in Vienna are you accommodating your friends from the fashion industry?


At the Pension Wild (Lange Gasse 10)


Culinary treat – where in Vienna did a chef just recently wowed you?


At the Weinschenke (Franzengasse 11). The Sunday roast deserves three !!! and Fett & Zucker has the best pies ever (Hollandstraße 16).