Insider Vienna: Elsa Okazaki


You are taking a photo portrait of Vienna – what comes in front of your lenses?


The Beethoven Frieze by Gustav Klimt at the Secession (Friedrichstraße 12).


Where does one have the best view of Vienna?


From the Ferris wheel. That’s the funniest but also not very long. Or from the Kahlenberg.


If you fancy a photo exhibition, where are you going?


To the Westlicht (Westbahnstraße 40) and soon to the Ostlicht (Note: from June onwards in the Ankerbrotfabrik).


Where in Vienna are you looking for inspiration?


I go to exhibitions, for example at galleries at Schleifmüllgasse, to museums, the Kunsthalle Vienna or the Mumok at MuseumsQuartier, as well as book stores lilke the Walther König nook store (MuseumsQuartier, Museumsplatz 1)


Out and about in Vienna – Schikaneder or Eden Bar?


Of course the Schikaneder (Margaretenstraße 24). They always have an interesting program and the audience is mixed – artists, students and many more. I am also at Techno Café (Volksgarten Pavillon), at Cha no ma, a Japanese tee store (Faulmanngasse 7), at Neni (Naschmarkt oder Praterstraße 1), at Motto am Fluss (between Schwedenbrücke and Urania) and at Yugetsu (Kärntnerstraße 44).


What is your favorite restaurant in Vienna?


I love Japanese food and my favorite chef cooks at Kuishimbo (Linke Wienzeile 40/6). Here I prefer Unadon. And for something sweet I go to Demel (Kohlmarkt 14) or to the pastry shop Oberlaa (Note: various shops, e.g. Neuer Markt 16)


Who mixes your favorite drink in which Viennese bar?


That has to be the bar keeper at Shanghai Tan. My drink? A Golden Cadillac? (Gumpendorferstraße 9)


Where are you going when partying is on the schedule?


To club U (Otto Wagner Pavillion/Karlsplatz), Fluc Wanne (Praterstern 5) or Pratersauna (Waldsteingartenstraße 135)


At which Viennese hotel would you like to spend a night?


At hotel Orient (Tiefer Graben 30) or at hotel Imperial (Kärtner Ring 16)


Where are you going for a shopping tour in Vienna?


To Wood Wood (Zollergasse 29), Park (Mondscheingasse 20), Fashion Mühlbauer (Seilergasse 10) or to Liska (Hoher Markt 8 or Graben 12)


Let us know one secret about Vienna that you just recently discovered!


There is a very nice shope where you can eat organic food and buy records: Tongues in the 6th district (Theobaldgasse 16)