Insider Vienna: Maria Ziegelböck


Which Viennese designer should we know these days?


Like to know instead of need to know: Natures of Conflict (available at Mühlbauer, Seilergasse 5)


What stores are you going to, to come home with ultra chick pieces?


To Park (Mondscheingasse 20), Mühlbauer for hats (Seilergasse 5), Bonpoint (Spiegelgasse 8), Wood Wood (Zollergasse 29) or Little Joe’s Gang (Operngasse 34).


From fashion to art: You are enjoying a little bit of art and culture at the Museum for Applied Arts. Where are you going afterwards?


To the café Alt Wien (Bäckerstraße 9)


If you fancy a photo exhibition, where are you going?


To the gallery Johannes Faber (Dorotheergasse 12)


As a photographer: Where does one have the best view of Vienna?


From Krapfenwaldbad (Krapfenwaldgasse 65-73), Schwedenbrücke towards west. In case of bad weather: go to Novotel (aspernbrückengasse 1) or to the bar at Sofitel (Praterstraße 1).


Which location are you going to if you are looking for inspiration?


The Wurschtelprater (Subway U2, stop Praterstern)


Reveal one place in Vienna that one should not photograph but only remember it!


The Café Korb (Brandstätte 9)


Where does your favorite chef cook in Vienna?


At Madiani at Karmelitermarkt (also soon at Praterstraße). There I am eating Chinkali and Kwerebi (Note: Georgian delicacies). At restaurant Wetter at Yppenplatz (Yppenplatz/Payegasse 13) the motto is: the whole menu up and down. And at Zweitbester at Heumühlgasse 2. There I like to eat lunch.


Vienna at night – where in Vienna do you like to go out?


At the Bristol Bar (Kärtner Ring 1), at Café Korb (Brandstätte 9), to a concert at Celeste on Mondays (Hamburgerstraße 18), at V.Esch (Schikanedergasse 11, note: Verein für Raum und Form in der bildenden Kunst), at Gutruf (Milchgasse 1), at Alt Wien (Bäckerstraße 9) or at Blue Banana (Praterstern, Viaduktbogen 33-35).


Again Vienna at night – which Viennese hotel has the potential for a fashion photo-reportage?


The hotel Intercontinental (Johannesgasse 28)


Finally, what’s a secret about Vienna that you just recently discovered?


The Lobmeyr Glass Museum at Kärntnerstraße 26)