Dienstag, 19. 06. 2007

Def Disco

Klub Ost
Schwindgasse 1, Ecke Schwarzenbergplatz, 1040 Wien
Mit Metronomy (UK), Fuxblut, Sonnenwind, Bonmot, Kid Soylent

Def Disco bespielen seit mehr als zwei Jahren die Grauzone zwischen RRRock, Electro und Delirium. Ihr Wappen, Boomboxes und Disco, hatten sie bereits als alle anderen noch Britney's "Toxic" cool fanden.

"Fuxblut are one of the most electrifying irons haunting the venues of Vienna at the moment and so we decided to strike while the proverbial iron is hot. Although they are a duo, they possess the energy of a right pack of foxes, their electro-mash-up moving heads, hearts and feet. They are currently working on a total audio-visual package in association with motionlab and we've heard it through the grapevine that the boys are thinking of premiering their bag of wonders at our night. We simply can't wait! We are overjoyed to be able to present another premiere on this special night, because we'll be treated to an exclusive live show by London's very own Metronomy. The single "You could easily have me" has been tearing up the dancefloor at DefDisco ever since it's been released and also the rest of the amazing debut album "Pip Paine (pay the 5000 you owe) has found a way right to our melody-spoilt hearts. Metronomy's (aka Joseph Mount's) distinctive production sound with Melodica, accordion, and guitar sounds, has a disarming charm. Metronomy is one of few melodists in electronic music writing extended melodies over pop song structures. In the absence of vocals the melodies of his instruments sing the songs stirring up krautrock, dancehall, polka, pop and folk music. Joseph Mount is also responsible for a number of amazing remix works for Franz Ferdinand, Infadels, Roots Manuva etc. Metronomys hilarious live show uses a full band, The Food Groups, all wired up, with syncronised light dances, doing a semaphore and a morsey wave to sold out gigs at Trash, Windmill and Cargo.
A fool who misses out on such a golden opportunity. So, dress up and arrive early!"

DefDisco www.myspace.com/metronomy