The All Season Fashion Paper
FallWinter Issue 05
Photography: Elfie Semotan
Styling: Peter Schindler
Make-up: Dalila Riccetti/Perfect Props
Hair: Wolfgang Lindenhofer
Model: Elke Krystufek

The All Season Fashion Paper
FallWinter Issue 05
Photography:Bettina Komenda
Assistant: Michael Strasser, Ulrich Dertschei
Styling: Robert Schwaighofer
Stylingassistant: Lena
Hair- Make-up: Wolfgang Lindenhofer
Hair – Make-up Assitant: Sonja Albegger

The All Season Fashion Paper
FallWinter Issue 05
Photography: Jork Weismann
Styling: Desiree Heiss
Assistant: Morgane Bellefet
Make-up: MFA – Manami Ishikawa
Assitant: Nakajima Megumi
Hair: Giovani di Stefano for Propaganda-Hair using Davines Products
Models: Mathieu and Alexandra


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The All Season Fashion Paper



FallWinter Issue 05 - HUMOUR

The French philosopher Dominique Noguez numerated explicitly in one of his lectures, entitled with the bizarre title “L´humour n´existe pas”, what is humour and what isn´t.

“ Humour is not a laughter, not a smile, isn´t comedy, neither spontaneity nor joviality, not even happiness. To tell the truth about humour: There is nothing more complicated than humour. But we talk about a discreet, wherever possible invisible complexity.”
(from: Telepolis, Helmut Merschmann)

In this issue Austrian as well as international photographers, illustrators, designers, artists and journalists show their view of the topic "Humour", they researched and watched out very impressively about humour and its different fathers:

One highlight of this issue is Elfie Semotan´s shooting, where she is accompanying the famous international artist Elke Krystufek with her camera. The shooting has been documented for film adaption. A limited Art and Fashion Video edition will be purchased.

The world-famous actor and comedian Pierre Richard reveals in his inimitable manner what humour means to him.

The illustration part in this issue shows images by Jork Weismann, Bettina Komenda, Maria Ziegelböck and Jeremy Scott accompanied textual by Diane Pernet, Joachim Bessing, Andreas Krings and Ulrike Tschabitzer-Handler.

Antje Mayer, a journalist from Germany, introduces the exceptional Russian artist Pertlura and completes this special city report.








JOACHIM BESSING is a writer based in hannover.

KERSTIN ENGHOLM runs the engholm engelhorn galerie in vienna. She is an agent for artists such as angela bulloch, hans schabus and constanze ruhm.

BETTINA KOMENDA lives and works as a photographer in vienna and has had various contributions in magazines such as purple magazine and selfservice. She also works as an agent for clients such as adidas and christian lacroix.

ANDREAS PETER KRINGS writes for magazines such as luna and kids wear. He also works for a model agency called nine daughters and a stereo.

ELKE KRYSTUFEK lives and works as an artist in vienna. Her artistic work includes hundreds of collages, works and cancas, photography, drawings and videos as well as 12 performances.

DORIS KRUMPL is an art critic and works for dorotheum in vienna.

ANTJE MAYER is a freelance journalist in vienna and runs

DIANE PERNET lives and works as a freelance journalist in paris.

PIERRE RICHARD is a french actor and comedian. His break thorough was „the tall blond man with one black shoe“ in 1972. He also acted in various comedies such as „clumsy felllow“.

DIETMAR SCHWÄRZLER works in film and media, curator of the viennale spezial and organiser of various projects. Schwärzler lives and works in vienna.

JEREMY SCOTT is a fashiondesigner and photographer, born in kansas, lives and works in los angeles.

ELFIE SEMONTAN is one of the most renowned austrian photographers. She lives and works mainly in new york.

JORK WEISMANN has had various contributions in magazines such as dazed&confused, purple, self service and crash. He lives and works in vienna.

MARIA ZIEGELBÖCK is an austrian photographer, she shoots fashion, portraits and advertising and since 1999, seh´s been cocumenting the collections of the austrian designer duo fabrics interseason. She lives and works in vienna and paris.