Fashion Projects

Quick Change

Dance meets Fashion II

Performance Damien Jalet © Arnold Groeschel

Quick Change explored the tension-charged relationship between reflecting on fashion design and social choreography. Choreographer Anne Juren and cultural scholar and curator Brigitte Felderer joined forces with Sigrid Gareis, Martina Hochmuth and Katrin Seiler/Unit F to put together the 14-day Quick Change programme, which traced a trajectory from performance to theory and onward to screenings and installation. In collaborations with the designers House of the very island’s..., Bogomir Doringer and Sébastien Meunier, the choreographers Alain Buffard, Chris Haring, Marten Spangberg, Anne Juren, Asha Mines and Alexandre Roccoli put on fashion-related performances. Also featured was a performance curated by photographer Luca Marchetti that was created in conjunction with the performer Damien Jalet and designer Jun Takahashi/undercover.

Performance Anne Colod © Bertrand Prévost

Videoinstallation Bogomir Doringer © Jonas Lund
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Cooperative Projects


Event Dates
13-15 October 2008
  1. Brigitte Felderer
  2. Anne Juren
in cooperation with
  1. Katrin Seiler/Unit F büro für mode
  2. Sigrid Garei/TQW
  3. Martina Hochmuth/TQW
  1. House of the very island´s...
  2. Bogomir Doringer
  3. Sébastien Meunier
  4. Alain Buffard
  5. Chris Haring
  6. Marten Spangberg
  7. Asha Mines
  8. Alexandre Roccoli
  9. Luca Marchetti
  10. Damien Jalet
  11. Jun Takahashi/undercover