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Differing Views

Iris Brosch, Sissi Farassat, Bettina Komenda, Elfie Semotan, Maria Ziegelböck

Pure Heaven © 2001 Iris Brosch
The exhibition Differing Views presented works by five fashion photographers who had each in his or her own way been able to establish a successful career in the international world of fashion. The diversity of the works on view provided a glimpse into the world of the widely divergent lifestyle magazines.
The young Austro-German photographer Iris Brosch, who lives in New York, has published her works in international glamour magazines such as the Italian edition of Vogue, in Harpers Bazaar, etc. In her works she focuses on depicting young women with a rigid kind of perfection. Her latest works are videos where mythical female figures appear in auratic settings. Differing Views presented one of her latest videos, through which she was moving ever closer to the visual arts.
The photo artist Sissi Farassat is represented here both as a photographer and as the editor of Sioseh magazine. In the exhibition Differing Views she showd 17 issues of Sioseh magazine and two photographic works.
The young photographer Bettina Komenda represented a completely different approach. In works produced continuously over the past five years she focused on colourful portraits of children. In this exhibition she presented her first book featuring pictures of children, which was published by the Japanese publisher Composite at the end of 2001. Prints of some of the child portraits also were on view in the exhibition.
The star photographer Elfie Semotan showed a series of six photographs that she produced for i-D magazine in 1999 together with the Austrian stylist Sabina Schreder. Elfie Semotan does not consider herself a typical fashion photographer - the central features in her works are people and moods, and fashion is but a complementary element.
In her works, Maria Ziegelböck does not display an opulent style; neither does she illustrate the illusion created by stylists and make-up artists. In depicting people she focuses instead on simplicity. In a series of six portraits that she presented in this exhibition, her position was made clear in a remarkable manner.

© 2001 Maria Ziegelböck

from the series for View On Colour © 2001 Bettina Komenda

SHIOSHE 1-14 © Sissi Farassat
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Thu 17 January 2002, 8 pm
Exhibition Dates
18 January - 2 March 2002
Unit F büro für mode
Gumpendorferstrasse 10-12
1060 Vienna
  1. Iris Brosch
  2. Bettina Komenda
  3. Maria Ziegelböck