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Fashion meets Dance I

As one of the highlights of Austrian Fashion Week 2005, Unit F büro für mode initiated an interdisciplinary cooperation with Tanzquartier Wien. Dresscode was conceived as an artistically productive encounter between Austrian fashion designers and performance artists plus choreographers. Four fashion designers and four performance artists or artist collectives collaborated on working out artistic strategies that would address the discourse on fashion and the body by way of performances.
The four pieces that resulted were performed on two evenings at Tanzquartier. Performer Philip Gehmacher together with Wolfgang Langeder (Flor de Ilusion) explored the interaction of movement and clothing, Austro-French collective SUPERAMAS brought the backstage preparations for fashion shows by designers Mel.Merio and Claudia Rosa Lukas out onto the stage, and dancer Anne Juren joined designer duo Hartmann Nordenholz in examining the question of identity and synchronicity. In a further performance, Anne Juren, working this time with designer Eva Blut and performer Kroot Jurak, showed how - through self-perception and the perception of the other - clothing can function as a means of communication.
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  1. eva blut
  2. Ines Doujak
  3. Philipp Gehmacher
  4. Anne Juren
  5. Wolfgang Langeder (Flor de Illusion)
  6. Claudia Rosa Lukas
  7. Mel.Merio
  8. Hartmann Nordenholz
    (Special Guest Marc Ress)