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Magazine special on the making of the campaign shoot / 9 festival for fashion & photography

Wien live Special 2009
In its May issue, Vienna Stadtmagazin Wien live, official media partner of the 9 festival, brought a special feature on the 9 festival, extensively reporting on the making of the 9 festival image campaign. An interview with Markus Ebner, editor-in-chief of the German fashion magazine, ACHTUNG, who was responsible for the styling, a tour of the studios of the local designers who provided their collections for the shoot and portraits of both modelling newcomers who posed for the star photographer, Jork Weismann, were the main features of the special.
Wien live also participated in the 9 festival itself, with four Wien live Inside Fashion Shopping Tours, as part of which fashion connoisseurs (actress Doris Schretzmayer & musician and designer Florian Horwath, agency owner Katha Schinkinger & Universal boss Hannes Eder, FM4 cult-presenter Hermes and singer Valerie Sajdik) took the tour participants to their favourite shops in Vienna (For details see the 9 festival programme).
The 9 magazine, which was published in time for the festival, was supplemented to a part of the circulation of the Wien live June issue.

Wien live Special 2009
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Publication Date
Mon 27 April 2009
May 2009
70,000 copies
Publication Schedule
10 x per year
Distribution in Vienna
  1. Distribution by means of Wien live dispensers and more than 500 stands of “freecard-partners”
  2. Libraries, museums, cafes, trendy bars, book shops and theatres
  3. Distribution at festivals and large-scale events



Wien live

Pictures documenting the making of the 9 festival campaing shoot