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Natascha Hochenegg/
Lisa Holzer

© Lisa Holzer

Unit F büro für mode presented approx. 50 collaborative works by the stylist Natascha Hochenegg and the photographer Lisa Holzer. The photographs showed imperfections and trivialities. From a female perspective they dealt with issues such as vulnerability, strength, sexuality, reality, destruction and banality.

Lisa Holzer and Natascha Hochenegg have been collaborating on various projects since 1997. With these photographs they wanted to make a clear statement on photography and fashion, without having to adhere to the restrictions of market-oriented conditions. Most of the photos were taken during the past few months. Natascha Hochenegg herself is portrayed in the pictures, thus putting the focus on the mutual exchange between the two women. The collaboration was intensive, but it also created space for individual development and experimentation.

Natascha Hochenegg
was born in 1973 in Vienna. In 1996 she was Helmut Lang’s assistant for one year, and since 1997 she has been working as a freelance stylist, for Kostas Murkudis among others. In 1999 she launched her own collection, “Egg”, which was discussed in various international fashion magazines. She participated in the Approband exhibition in Linz, Upper Austria. So far, her works have been published in the fashion magazines Diva, Ahead and Fall Winter: The All Season Fashion Paper. She has worked with photographers like Maria Ziegelböck, Jork Weismann, Elfie Semotan and Gregor Ecker.

Lisa Holzer
is a visual artist and photographer. She was born in 1971 in Vienna. In 2002, she presented her first solo exhibition, “Einige freie Flächen”, at Galerie 5020 (Studio) in Salzburg. She has also taken part in various group exhibitions in Graz, Linz, Vienna, Calais and Budapest, including the Camera Austria exhibition “Der Widerstand der Fotografie” at Kunsthaus Graz in 2004. She is a member of the artists’ collective “a room of one's own”, www.aroomofonesown.at.
In 2001 an article on her work was published in Camera Austria 74/2001.

© Lisa Holzer
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Exhibition Dates
22 February - 2 April 2004
Tue 19 February 2004, 8 pm
Unit F büro für mode
Gumpendorfer Strasse 56
1060 Vienna