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Rubin Chapelle

Sonja Rubin
Sonja Rubin and Kip Chapelle met in 1995 and subsequently joined forces to create a line of clothing that is both avant-garde yet eminently wearable. Sonja Rubin, originally from Vienna, Austria, has been involved in the fashion world since the early age of 16, studying in Milan, London, and New York. She has worked under the truelage of renowned designer Vivienne Westwood. Kip Chapelle grew up in Columbus, Ohio where he studied physics and engineering, however his interest in history and art eventually brought him to New York where he studied at F.I.T. and began his career in fashion. He worked with Gordon Henderson and Giorgio Armani. Since the inception of the company in 1997, their label, Rubin Chapelle, has been received with great enthusiasm by the international fashion press, retailers and loyal customers alike. The dual elements of Rubin's eye for distinctive detail and construction, combined with Chapelle's eye for progressive authenticity provide the customer with a product that remains accessible while retaining its unique sensibility.

Sonja Rubin
410 West 14th Street
NY 10014


T: +01 (212) 647 9388
E: sonja@rubinchapelle.com