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The RADIĆ / MORGER label was founded by Priska Morger and Danijel Radić. Priska Morger studied fashion at the Basel Art School, was creative assistant to Raf Simons in Antwerp from 1996 to 2001, and has been working at the University of Applied Arts Vienna since 2005, where she is creative assistant to the Fashion Department under the direction of Veronique Branquinho. Danijel Radić is a graduate of the Fashion Class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna under Raf Simons and Veronique Branquinho and designed a limited edition collection for Mode Mühlbauer in Vienna, where he worked as a freelance hat designer from 2003 to 2007.
The RADIĆ / MORGER brand focuses on the needs of the modern woman, who is continually confronted with varying constructions of femininity. The designers’ spectrum ranges from apparel to accessories. Their aim is to develop designs that express a woman’s specific situation. A certain raw elegance and functional details are the ingredients that make for the label’s inimitable style. Important to RADIĆ / MORGER is that their designs reflect modern femininity from both the female and male sides, and that they create the energy and dynamism of their creations through teamwork.
Priska Morger, Danijel Radić
Palffygasse 10/6
1170 Vienna