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art point //
Lena Kvadrat

Lena Kvadrat © art point
Since 1999 and under the creative direction of designer Lena Kvadrat, art point has regularly presented two collections a year, distributing them through her own shop in Vienna as well as through international tradeshows and distributors in Europe and Japan.
art point// Lena Kvadrat regards fashion as a means of communication and sign language that makes use of direct as well as coded signals. She also made a name for herself outside of the fashion scene with numerous presentations and art projects together with representatives from other creative fields and institutions. These are typically performances also aiming to reflect on the cultural and social relevance of fashion - besides presenting the collection.  
art point_vienna //
Lena Kvadrat
Westbahnstrasse 3/1
1070 Vienna
T: +43 (0)1 522 04 25