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the essence

the essence, Florian Horwath
The label the essence was founded by German designer Frank Leder and Austrian musician Florian Horwath in September 2005. It is characterised by the significance of interdisciplinary collaborations, the encounter of fashion and art. the essence accordingly operates along unconventional lines by breaking out of the world of trends and fashion victims and deriving each individual collection from historically rooted garments and their social meaning. the essence recently resorted to a conceptual examination of the German Hinterland-Mann designing a trilogy of collections where different social roles of the Hinterland-Mann (e.g. butcher and innkeeper) inspired the designs. To avoid superficial fashion trends in the long run, it is good to be a Saftmensch (juice person) with both feet firmly on the ground and in the air. Such is the ironic-esoteric credo of the design duo.
Horwath / Leder GbR Office Vienna
Türkenschanzstrasse 1
1180 Vienna
Office Berlin
Mehringdamm 57
10961 Berlin
Press Contact & Sales Japan
Mach 55 Ltd.