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Anne-Marie Herckes

Anne-Marie Herckes
Miniatures of types and of typical clothing constitute the theme of designer Anne-Marie Herckes. She completed her education at the Royal Academy Antwerp as well as at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.
Her collections comprise scaled-down icons of fashion history which are worn as brooches or pendants. Herckes‘ collections partly consist of miniatures of especially distinctive items of clothing such as jeans, trenchcoats or famous shoes and bags, and partly of complete, easily recognisable miniature outfits based on famous style icons such as Karl Lagerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent, Audrey Hepburn or Romy Schneider.
What is crucial for the quality of her creations is how precisely and analytically this brand recognition is achieved by means of formal reduction and artistic interpretation.
Anne-Marie Herckes
26, rue Michel Rodange
L-2430 Luxembourg
T: +352 (0)691 78 25 94

E: info@anne-marieherckes.com