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The AFA-Austria Fashion Awards, which have been given annually since 2000, carry large amounts of award money intended to be used for specified purposes. They aim to substantially assist the medium-term development of designers’ careers.
These awards, sponsored by the Federal Austrian Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, the City of Vienna, the Vienna Economic Chamber and Unit F should, apart from the well-deserved recognition, also have a structural effect and systematically speed up the career steps as well as the international positioning of young fashion designers.

Selected by an international jury of renowned industry experts, the award winners must be able to demonstrate that they have the potential and professional commitment to compete in the international market.
With an overall 45,000.00 EUR of award money, these official Austrian fashion awards rank among the most important and most highly endowed in the entire Austrian field of design.
Next to these awards sponsored by public authorities, additional awards have in recent years also been sponsored by companies from the private sector. These represent an extension of the portfolio with regard to content to also include jewellery - so fresh. the jewellery award by Pierre Lang - and photography - Editorial Award - Award for Fashion Photography. The cooperation with Erste Bank, sponsor of KONTAKT. Fashion Award by Erste Bank, also facilitates the support of as well as the exchange with young talents from Central and Eastern Europe.
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For further information please consult the German version of the Unit F website or contact our Funding Department support@unit-f.at.