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Anita Steinwidder
Label foundress Anita Steinwidder studied architecture in Graz and is a self-taught fashion designer. Her approach to design is accordingly unconventional. Her designs do not emerge on paper but originate from the three-dimensionality of the dress form. Space and spatiality of clothing are thus directly transferred onto each individual item.
She draws her inspiration mostly from the source material itself, which consists of old items or second-hand goods. She cuts up existing items of clothing into individual pieces and reassembles them, thus also creating new forms of use. Every item in her collections, which are all produced in her own studio, is unique even if, as a sample type, it is produced multiple times. Every unartig product is based on underlying architectonic principles (e.g. building blocks). Anita Steinwidder sells her designs in NY, Berlin, at her own shop glanz&gloria in Vienna as well as at the shop of the Lentos Museum in Linz.
Until autumn 2009 the label was called unartig. It has now been renamed to Steinwidder.
Anita Steinwidder
Stumpergasse 33
1060 Vienna
T: +43 (0)650 400 6091