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The All Season Fashion Paper

FallWinter 2006
Issue 05 / Humour

© Bettina Komenda
Issue 05 of The All Season Fashion Paper - FallWinter 2006 examines the different faces of Humour. Unit F asked national and international photographers, stylists, designers, artists and authors to share with readers what they find humorous. A special highlight is the photo shoot by Elfie Semotan, who accompanied with her camera the internationally acclaimed artist Elke Krystufek. A film was made documenting the shoot. The world-famous French actor and comedian Pierre Richard, photographed by Maria Ziegelböck, shows in his inimitable way what humour means to him. Photographs were also contributed by Jork Weismann, Bettina Komenda, Dino Dinco and the American designer and photographer Jeremy Scott.
Texts by Diane Pernet, Joachim Bessing, Andreas Krings and Ulrike Tschabitzer-Handler shed further light on the theme of humour.In a Central European special, German journalist Antje Mayer introduces the exceptional Russian artist Pertlura.

© Jeremy Scott

© Elke Krystufek

© Maria Zieglböck
Service Portfolio


Unit F büro für mode  
  1. Nicole Adler
  2. Ulrike Tschabitzer-Handler 
Art Direction
Editorial Team

Katharina Beran / Unit F büro für mode
  1. Andreas Peter Krings
  2. Doris Krumpl
  3. Diane Pernet
  4. Dietmar Schwärzler


  1. Photography: Jork Weismann
  2. Styling: Desiree Heiss
  3. Assistance: Morgane Bellefet
  4. Make-up: MFA - Manami Ishikawa
  5. Assitance: Nakajima Megumi
  6. Hair: Giovani di Stefano for Propaganda-Hair using Davines Products
  7. Models: Mathieu and Alexandra 
  1. Bettina Komenda
  2. Jeremy Scott
  3. Elfie Semotan
  4. Jork Weismann
  5. Maria Ziegelböck