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___fabrics interseason

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© ___fabrics interseason_latte mama_modul vorhang, courtesy of Grazer Kunstverein and the artists
What connection is there between living space and society? What type of relation do the designers establish between their products and the lives of the consumers? What would the ideal relation between design process and society, between form and life form look like? Tackling these questions, different concepts of surroundings, surfaces and equipment are unfolded by the artists.
The exhibition PROVISORISCHES YOGA also explores the aspect of the authority of design, enquiring about the scope within given spaces and features. The body and its movements in the constructed surroundings and programmes are also at the centre of this theme. It is about the possibilities to design the social sphere, social life and its renewal.
Participating artists: Henning Bohl (DE) | ___fabrics interseason (AT) | Michaela Meise (DE) | Jesper Nordahl (SE) | Sofie Thorsen (AT) | 'Studio Ene Ammer' (EE) feat. Markus Weisbeck (DE) for Paris Campaign
Text: Marlene Haderer
Provisorisches Yoga

until 19 December 2009




Grazer Kunstverein

Palais Thinnfeld

Mariahilferstrasse 2

8020 Graz



Opening hours

Mon-Fri 10.30am-6pm

Closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays




___fabrics interseason

Grazer Kunstverein