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Unit F Project Funding FW 09


ChristineBerger_HW0910_(c)Sonny_Vandevelde(1) Kopie
Project Funding Spring 09 Christina Berger

Twice a year, in spring and in fall, Unit F büro für mode grants project funding directly to Austrian-based fashion designers or to such designers with demonstrable ties to the Austrian fashion scene, as well as to students or trainees in the final year of their fashion education. For this purpose, an independent, national jury of industry experts is assembled to assess all entries.


More information available on our website, or send an email to support@unit-f.at.

Julia Cranz Hats, Hat pieces & more
Project Funding Spring 09 Julia Cranz Hats, Hat pieces & more

mija t. rosa
Project Funding Spring 09 mija t. rosa

pelican avenue
Project Funding Spring 09 pelican avenue

sonja bischur
Project Funding Spring 09 Sonja Bischur

Project Funding Spring 09 superated
Project Funding FW 09

Application deadline:

30 October 2009

Application forms online (only available in German)




Unit F

Project Funding FW 09 (website currently only available in German)