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House Of Friends

A performance by house of the very island's ... at Vienna Art Week


Under the motto "Temptation for Art", the lively art scene of Vienna will once again be presented to a broad audience. Its dense museum and gallery scene makes Vienna not only a point of attraction for an international art public, but - with many artists living here - one of Europe’s most creative cities.


For this anniversary, the organisers, under the artistic direction of Robert Punkenhofer, have put together a tight programme of museum exhibition openings, a Gallery Night, guided tours of public and private art collections, tours to artworks in the public realm and to selected examples of contemporary architecture as well as a special performance series. Discussions on subjects such as "The Pathology of Collecting", "Curatorial Practice and the Art Market", "The Status quo of Austrian Video Art" and the life plans of contemporary artists offer an opportunity for an intensive dialogue about current tendencies in art.


At the various interfaces of art and life, the VIENNA ART WEEK has developed from a networking platform of international and Austrian museum directors, curators, artists, and collectors to a festival week of art with varied and diverse events for an art-interested audience.

As part of VIENNA ART WEEK the Austrian fashion design collective “house of the very island’s ...” will present a performance entitled “house of friends” on 16 November.


The label received the Unit F Award for International PR in 2007.

We met Markus Hausleitner at the Unit F office for an interview about the label’s project at VIENNA ART WEEK and about what else is happening at the house of “house of”.


16-22 November 2009



"house of friends"


16 November 2009





Kirchengasse 48

Lokal 2

1070 Vienna







"house of the very island's club division middlesex klassenkampf but the question is where are you now?"