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Florian Ladstätter

Floria Ladstätter © Peter Garmusch
Jewellery designer Florian Ladstätter studied metal design at the University of Applied Arts Vienna and philosophy in Munich. His most important sources of inspiration - and also his obsession - are everyday and mundane materials such as Teflon and plastics which receive a seemingly natural feel due to high-tech treatment and unconventional shaping. Florian Ladstätter’s jewellery objects aim to excite desire and to underline the personality of the wearer through the interplay between material and shaping. Ladstätter’s jewellery by the label name of FLorian Design is available in select shops worldwide. He regularly participates in national and international exhibitions. His designs have been bought by institutions such as the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. His jewellery has been featured in magazines like i-D, Another magazine, Japanese Vogue and English Vogue.
Florian Ladstätter
Götzwiesen 34
3033 Altlengbach
T: +43 (0)699 12 15 99 55