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Production for Fashion Designers

A structure analysis based on a survey conducted among Austrian fashion designers in 2006 as well as the ongoing contact with designers have revealed that the local production conditions are inadequate and that designers have problems producing their collections in Austria. Based on these results Unit F, supported by austria wirtschaftsservice (aws), initiated a project aiming to improve the production facilities.
As part of this project, the specific demands of fashion designers were collected and compared with the available supply provided by manufacturers. Existing structures were taken into consideration and strengthened by the additional demand.
Followinig that Unit F did a second survey under the guidance of Carina Heinz. Possible new production facilities should be created for demands which so far cannot be met. This would be to counteract the structural deficiencies constraining the growth in the entire field of contemporary fashion design.
Both studies can be downloaded on this page (The studies are only available in German.)
As a first step in realizing the steps that are proposed in the study, Unit F conceived in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce Vienna the Fashion Production Award of the Vienna Economic Chamber that was awarded for the first time during the festival for fashion and photography in 2011.
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