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boutique temporaire des nomades heureux

© Boutique Temporaire
What’s going on in and around the happy nomads‘ Boutique temporaire came about spontaneously and things still keep coming up, which will make the whole thing a surprise, even for its organisers.
The experiment is set to take place from Thursday 5 November until Saturday 7 November in a vacant shop space on Josefstädterstrasse. We’ve been promised to see multi-seasonal ladies’ and gents’, weird gallantry goods and photos by Klaus Vyhnalek, Oliver Ottenschläger and Georg Schlosser. A retrospective of Claudia Brandmair’s work is also lined up.
As the title - DAMAUMANADARAMA, which is Viennese vernacular for “let’s clear some stuff out!” - suggests, wardrobes will be aired and what comes to the surface will not only be a fine selection of past-seasons’ highlights for boys and girls, but also remodelled denim pieces, jewellery prototypes and a small number of specially crafted accessories.
More than just vintage, that’s the idea behind it, renewal, true to the motto: Let's pay homage to every decade! Let's bring back every good cut!
So let's wait and see what else we'll get to see and buy at Boutique temporaire.
Text: Maria Steiner

© Boutique Temporaire

Boutique temporaire des nomades heureux
5-7 November 2009

Opening hours
Thu 5 November: 11am-9pm
Fri 6 November: 11am-9pm
Sat 7 November: 11am-3pm
„beim optiker"
Josefstädterstraße 6
1080 Vienna