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Eva Blut Accessoires

Eva Blut (Eva Buchleitner)
Austrian fashion designer Eva Blut has presented her collections in Paris since 2001, selling them all over the world with the help of international distribution partners. Starting out with bag collections, the label has also produced clothing since 2002. In 2008 the focus was placed on accessories. Blut’s product works in a fashion as well as in a design context. Eva Blut regards it as part of an outfit and also as an extension of the body. Functions are called into question and redefined. Accessories are like codes in an outfit, intensifying the appearance of the wearer.
It is part of the self-concept of the label, Eva Blut, to see fashion as a scope of action transcending the development of given forms. 
Eva Blut has been head of the product design leather-accessories department at the Fashion Institute Vienna / Hetzendorf since 2004. She is the co-founder of modebus, We Showroom Paris Now and austrianfashion.net.
Office Eva Blut
Schottenfeldgasse 41-43/28a
1070 Vienna
T: +43 (0)1 524 05 95