Insider Vienna: Tess M. Werner


Art in Vienna – what do we have to know these days?


The Secession (Friedrichstraße 12), the Leopold Museum (Museumsplatz 1/5), the gallery Victor Bucher (Praterstraße 13/2/1) and the MuseumsQuartier (Museumsplatz 1)


Off the beaten track – which artistic off spaces are a must-see in Vienna?


The Ragnarhof (Grundsteingasse 12) and the mo.ë (Thelemangasse 4)


Where is art happening in Vienna?


In the 7th, 4th, and 16th district. In the 7th district are a lot of galleries, young artists and lively street events that operates with a communicative audience and through festivals. In the 4th district there is the gallery scene and the interest is big. The 16th district is on the move due to atelier communities, galleries, young artists, a growing gastronomy and a lively concert and festival scene.


You would like to go to the museum – Museum of Ethnology or MAK?


Then I would probably go to the Museum of Ethnology, although both museums rank among my favorites. I haven’t extensively been to the already mentioned.


Enough of art, what else does one have to see in Vienna?


A performance at the Odeon Theater (Taborstraße 10) and the Burgtheater (Dr. Karl Lueger-Ring 2) and the Votivkirche (Rooseveltplatz)


Where in Vienna are you relaxing after a long day at work?


At Karlsplatz, at the WerkzeugH garden (Schönbrunnerstraße 61) or at Naschmarkt


What location are you visiting if you want to have drink with good friends?


The Rüdigerhof (Hamburgerstraße 20), Zweitbester (heumühlgasse 2) or WerkzeugH (Schönbrunnerstraße 12)


Which housing in Vienna has artistic value?


The hotel Triest (Wiedner Hauptsraße 12)