A Special of Insiderei


In the footseps of the creative community: designers, artists,

photographres, musicians, and gallery owners reveal their favorite places

in Vienna to the festival guests.



Insider Vienna: Helga Traxler


(c) Helga Traxler


Helga Traxler is all about fashion and photography. That led her to New York Fashion Week, to exhibitions in Lisbon and Linz, to study abroad in Barcelona. In the context of the 12 festival for fashion and photography, Traxler is exhibiting in Vienna.



Insider London: Stefan Siegel


(c) Denis Laner

He is originally from South Tyrol. He is living in Vienna. His passion: fashion. Stefan Siegel founded Not just a label (NJAL) in 2008, a platform for young designers, a pool for chick clothes, a Mecca for fashion fans.


Insider Vienna: Ute Ploier

(c) Martin Stoebich


As a fashionable man there is no way around Ute Ploier’s designs. The designer lives and works in Vienna.



Insider Vienna: Markus Hausleitner 


(c) Hausleitner


The fashion label that unites designer from the art-, film-, and music scene bears the unspectacular name “house of the very island’s club division Middlesex klassenkampf, but the question is: where are you, now? Markus Hausleitner is part of it.


Insider Milan: Andreas Bergbaur


(c) Unit F 


He was Head of Communications at Jil Sander. He is Global Marketing, Digital Strategy and E-Commerc at Versace and co-founder of Unit F büro für mode in Vienna. Andreas Bergbaur knows the fashion industry and is part of the AFA-Austria Fashion Awards jury. He currently lives in Milan.



Insider Vienna: Maria Ziegelböck


(c) Maria Ziegelböck

She takes photos for Wallpaper, Qvest and Art Review. Her clients include Bernhard Willhelm, Red Bull and Swarosvski. She shot the current campaign for the 12 festival for fashion and photography in Vienna. Fashion photographer Maria Ziegelböck rambling through the city.



Insider Vienna: Elke Silvia Krystufek


(c) Krystufek

Elke Silvia Krystufek is known as – feminist, photographed, naked. In her late 20ies, the fine artist already exhibited at the Viennese Secession and represented Austria at the Biennale in Venice in 2009. For the campaign of the 12 festival for fashion and photography in Vienna, she shows relationships photographed by Maria Ziegelböck.



Insider Vienna: Tess M. Werner 


(c) Werner

She is curator of the currently most hyped art space in Vienna: Tess M. Werner presides over the Fox House. 1000 square meters in a tear down for creatives. Mid Junes everything will be over till then Werner shows one more exhibition for the 12 festival for fashion and photography.



Insider Vienna: Elke Winkens  


(c) Michael Dürr


Elke Winken’s world is the stage and the film. Known from cabaret (Die Hektiker) and TV (Kommissar Rex), the Viennese by choice shows her solo program “All Lies” from November 7th. Location is the legendary Eden Bar in Vienna.



Insider Vienna: Pinie Wang


(c) Michele Pauty


She is Djane, graphic desinger, fashion designer: Pinie Wang. Originally from Beijing, she is now living in Vienna where she founded the Myyy Bitch Club (MBC) in 2006 – a must-know in the electronic music scene. In the context of the 12 festival for fashion and photography Pinie Wang is showing the hippest guests of MBC in her very first photo exhibition Myyy Bitches.



Insider Vienna: Elsa Okazaki


(c) Elsa Okazaki


The French Elsa Okazaki lived in Amsterdam and Lille, worked in film, TV and advertising. Since 2007 she is living as visual artist in Vienna.