Insider Vienna: Helga Traxler

You are in the mood for a good photo exhibition – where are you going when in Vienna?


To the Westlicht (Westbahnstraße 40), to the Kunsthalle (Museumsplatz 1) or to the 21er House (Arsenalstraße 1) which has a very exciting architecture.


When you are visiting the Museum of Ethnology, where are you going afterwards?


To the Narrenturm at the University Campus. If you are already dealing with the constructed and produced culture of human beings, you can also embrace the anatomy. (Spitalgasse 2)


Where in Vienna are you looking for inspiration?


At the MuseumsQuartier. It is an amazing place to relax and calm down. Additionally, there’s always something going on, especially during the summer time. On top of that, book stores and exhibition spaces serve as sources of inspiration.


Vienna at night – what’s going on?


The Old Vienna in the 1st district because there is no music, the servers are funny and at the same time reserved,  posters of various decades are hanging on the walls, and Helmut Qualtinger has frequently been there too. The Café is an ideal place to read but also a place to hang out and drink beer (Bäckerstraße 9). For vegans I recommend the Rupp’s in the 5th district. It has a long and low-priced menu in the style of an Irish pub (Arbeitergasse 46).


Where in Vienna does your favorite chef cook?


The Austrian cuisine is inspired by the Bohemian, the latter can be enjoyed in a traditional and crafty way at the Nordpol (Nordwestbahnstraße 17). I also like the Spirali – fast food with style and regional cuisine (Kirchengasse 22)


Where are you going if you really want to dance hard?


To the Fluc Wanne at the Praterstern. It also has a terrace and that makes it very inviting when the weather is nice out.


Again Vienna at night – at which Viennese Hotel would you like to spend a night yourelf?


At the Hotel Sacher of course (at the Viennese State Opera)


You are having time off – it’s shopping time. Where are you looking for a stylish piece?


I totally like shopping at smaller labels – it is special and not everybody has it. For example Lisi Lang’s (Lila) designs are very chick and comfortable, a special design but still for daily use (Yppenplatz 5).