Wien for

Women only

by Nicole Adler

(c) Doris Erben


Personal Info

Nicole Adler is a fashion journalist. She was
the head of the fashion editorial department at daily newspaper Kurier and at
the fashion magazine Diva. She helped launching Unit F. Now she presents her
book, which was published in April, during the 12 festival.



Nicole Adler (c) Tina Herzl 

Can you briefly tell us, what it is about?

Wien for Women only – the reason for the very concise title is because it is a female-specific and female-affine book. As we all know, women like to travel and inform themselves beforehand. But this guide is dealing with touristy places but should be seen as a sort of manual. It contains a lot of tips about fashion, beauty, art, design – everything what is of interest for well informed and adventurous women. I certainly don’t need to only sit around in super chick and trendy restaurants. From time to time that is wonderful but actually we are always looking for new exciting places, away from the mainstream and the already known. You want to experience and use a city from various different angles, depending on your interests and moods and exactly this attitude towards life is what I want to capture in Wien for Women only.


What differentiates the “female” from the “male” Vienna?

That’s what I asked myself as well. I have worked on a page (by male request) which is about “What should I do with my man while I am shopping?” Because men, with just a few exceptions (sorry guys), are getting on our nerves. And I could not provide much of an answer. Through the course of this work I realized that I am very much focused on female topics and what women like; certainly because of my longstanding career in the fashion industry. I could not put myself in a male position. The book does not exclude men but I do think that things are always better told through your own personal angle.


Does your book have a special focus when it comes to topics such as fashion, beauty, locations, etc. or is it evenly distributed?

The distribution is relatively even, although shopping, eating and drinking and nightlife naturally take up a lot of room. That’s good! Wien is booming, there are so many exciting new stores and locations. Trend specialists call Vienna the new Paris of the east - Louis Vuitton will be opening a big falgship store soon that will be as big as the one in Rome.  Ten years ago, when Vienna was only considered as being a minor location on the luxury shopping map, this would have been impossible. Vienna is the new Paris of the east. Now Vienna is a front runner and is experience some kind of renaissance.


Wien for Women only is published by Christian Brandstätter Publishing and is available for EUR 15 in book stores, selected shops and hotels in the German-speaking region.


Wien for Women only (c) Christian Brandstätter Verlag 







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